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Are you married or are you in a serious long term relationship that you can’t seem to give up on.

Most of the time you probably wont know that your relationship is actually toxic until you get out there and talk to your friends about their relationships.

Before we dive into it, let’s define the word’ toxic.’  What is toxic? And how do you come to the conclusion that what you share with someone is toxic.

An example is if your partner hits you and you forgive him or her then I would say you are motivating them to do it again. That alone is toxic. This is because you never know how far a beating could go, next time your partner could beat you to death. In cases of domestic violence and abuse, therapy is required to end this toxic nature. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we forgive our partners because we love them but the reality is our character and personality is slowly being diminished everytime we forgive such acts.

At times, you find that for some reason you two can’t communicate freely and express how you feel because you are both hesitant on the response your partner will have towards your thoughts and opinions. This is TOXIC! simply because communication is probably the most important tool for every relationship. 

The moment you are not able to communicate in any type of relationship , you are most definitely on the path to digging your own grave. The best way to tackle such a situation is to express how you feel about this communication barrier to your partner before it goes from bad to worse real quick.

A partner that does not understand you but loves you is not necessarily disposable , teach them and show them how you work and view things. Giving up on the person you’re attracted to is only the easy way out. At the end of the day , no pain no gain fam……

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