With Airtel Fast just got Faster!

Written by on April 29, 2021

Mobile operator Airtel Kenya has announced the successful upgrade of its 4G network across the country which is Super-Fast. The improved network has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing efficient mobile data services to its users. Also, consumers are already covered by the superior network hence facilitating much better quality services.

Consumers now have access to internet speeds which offers the following benefits:

  • Enjoy Fastest 4G network when browsing.

When I am working out I enjoy streaming work-out tutorials on YouTube and the 4G Airtel helps me enjoy super-fast speed when browsing without lag offs. The speed is faster too when and gets me covered especially when downloading or uploading content from Google or YouTube.

With Airtel 4G Network, you will get yourself fully locked and you get to enjoy bigger, better and, wider coverage.

  • Amazing Data Bundles.

The Airtel network has greatly advanced with new quality 4G network, to its quality customers. When chilling out with my friends on weekend, we love listening to music and enjoy some great food. The High-speed internet allows us to streamline music from YouTube and download without buffering for too long.

For data services dial *544# to buy data.

  • Enjoy Exclusive Rewards.

Lately, I visited the Airtel store nearby to upgrade to 4G Network by swim swap and was also getting a new sim card for my best friend. The most interesting part is that I got to enjoy 2GB for FREE.

For you to enjoy the free 2GB data bundle, dial *544*6#. Also, you get to use a minimum of 20bob to enjoy 300MB bundles for free.

I would highly recommend those who have not upgraded to the 4G Network to do so and the people without the 4G sim card and devices to get them in their nearest Airtel store.

Enjoy the best data rate in Kenya with Airtel!

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