Written by on June 22, 2021

Ladies, ladies, ladies this one concerns you, believe me when I say I write this with a lot of worry. The other day as I was heading to town I boarded a bus, seated next to me was a very pretty young lady, her scent body was vanilla (let’s call her by her scent). Vanilla was seated by the window, I asked her to open it just enough to let the air in.

One thing I noticed with Vanilla was that after every two minutes, she was scratching her head. At the back of my mind I said to myself, maybe she’s focused on something and probably scratching her wig is a distraction. This happened till she dropped her earphones and as we met down there to pick them up, I nearly suffocated from the bad odor coming from her head.

Below are tips to use to avoid having a smelly wig;  

·         Use special shampoo, conditioner and wig comb- Find out which shampoo you should use for your wig and make sure the scent is lovely too. The comb will vary depending on the type of wig you have.

·         Take it to a professional- If you always find it difficult to clean your wig, you can always take it to a professional and ask them to do it for you, of course it comes with costs but better safe than sorry.

·         Be gentle while combing a wig- Just like when you are combing your own natural hair, you do it gently so as not to hurt your head and plank any hair.

·         Never sleep or shower with it- Giving the wig space to breathe is very important. When you sleep with it you sweat and the bacteria builds up making you itch each time, so does taking a shower with it the dumbness(if caught by water) can make it smell.

·         Don’t use heat to dry it- If your wig is synthetic the heat can damage it, remember to read instructions that come with your wig to avoid these minor mistakes.

·         Don’t use any kind of spray on your wig- Some sprays may tangle the wig. Be sure to find the right spray for your type of wig.

The reason why your wig is smelly, could be you wear it whilst wet, dry off your wig completely to avoid a stinking smell.

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