Five things you should know about Baileys.

Written by on October 29, 2020

It’s a global affair.

Baileys is globally recognized and consumed. More than 80 million bottles of baileys are produced in Dublin and exported to over 180 countries in the world. So as you enjoy this drink remember that you’re doing it with other millions of other bailey friends.

Irish and african ingredients are key.

Just as the name states, baileys contains irish ingredients such as; irish dairy cream and irish whiskey but they also use cocoa beans and vanilla extract that are harvested from west Africa. As you enjoy the drink remember that you’re promoting another African country who are our brothers and sisters 🙂

Breakfast for champions

In 2019 baileys introduced baileys irish creamers and coffee mate-esque line which can be used as coffee creamers made with milk and cane sugar that are used to make canned cold-brew coffee.  It comes in different flavors such as salted caramel and original irish cream flavors. Start your day in style.

Bailey’s for dessert

The best desserts are incorporated with a touch of baileys in their recipe. Baileys can make cheesecake, brownies and frozen yogurt. So enjoy your baileys desserts after meals or in between meals if you like it like that.

Enjoy Baileys and remember to drink responsibility.

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