Here’s some deep advice for youths who like dating older guys because they have money

Written by on May 31, 2018

Nowadays, younger guys luring older people into a relationship is a common feat.

It’ doesn’t have to be like that, however.

Singer Wahu, who has been married to fellow singer Nameless have been together for close to 20 years now. They have seen the ups and downs of relationships and emerged victorious together.

And that’s how young people should strive to be according to Wahu. On instagram, she shared that young people should believe on each other when dating and help each other grow.

She posted:

Dear young woman: stick with the young man who may not be rich, but truly loves you. Don’t leave him for the older and more seemingly stable guy, because he’s young and not yet “there” financially. You cannot put a price tag on the value of true love.

Dear young man…..value your girl. Treat her well. She may be the one who will propel you into your purpose. Be that guy who is not intimidated by her big dreams. Be proud of her accomplishments and boast of her achievements. Besides, She may become the mother of your daughters. How amazing would it be to say to your 10 year old girl “see your mother fly?

It means you can fly too, my princess” Dear young couple. Support each other’s ambitions and dreams. Be each other’s cheer leader in this journey of life. Uphold, don’t tear down. Encourage don’t crush. And you will be surprised just how far you will go. God bless.”

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