Here’s why Kanye West might lose the name ‘Yeezy’ to a Chinese company

Written by on March 24, 2018

Rapper Kanye West might end up losing the name “Yeezy” to a Chinese company which moved swiftly and filed for trademark in an effort to stake its claim to the popular Yeezy brand name.

According to reports by TMZ who broke the story, though Kanye West has owned the name Yeezy for footwear since 2013, he didn’t bother following up on the trademark.  When he tried to register the name as a clothing company recently, they were hit by a shocker that it has been already taken.

Fujian Baby Network Technology Company filed to trademark ‘Yeezy’ for its clothing products. Now Kanye can use it only for footwear but has to win the court battle to expand to other brands.

The Fujian Baby Network’s trademark won’t affect Kanye West’s shoe line.


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