Homeschool The New School

Written by on August 4, 2020

Due to closure of schools indefinitely during this pandemic, it has forced most if not all children to be homeschooled.

This in turn has forced teachers to be innovative and creative in how they can deliver the same sort of education virtually using digital platforms.

The ripple effect has been the great use of google classrooms, online courses and pre-recorded teaching videos sent via email or WhatsApp broadcast.

In turn parents have had to fully step in when it comes to their children’s education creative a cohesion between them and the teachers.

Evidence of this can been seen in various posts on the socials on parents appreciating what teachers do on a daily basis now that they get to live it first-hand.

When things get back to normal, most parents will have to go back to work and that may cause a halt on homeschooling but studies have shown that a lot of the technology implemented during this time will continue on as a form of education from schools and teachers.

Now that parents have been as involved in their children’s education during COVID19, they will also play a huge role at home in ensuring that their children are performing to their best in school.

It would be ideal if all teachers supported by the government especially in Africa would get professional training on technology, computers and how it can be applied in their skills.

This is because after COVID19, Education and schools will never be the same again.

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