Iggy Azalea’s Latest Releases Are A Sign Her Sophomore Album Will Be A Triumphant Comeback

Written by on May 6, 2019

2014 was a huge year for Iggy Azalea. To say that she was a chart fixture would be an understatement. Her smash hit Fancy with Charli XCX went atop the Billboard Hot 100,while Problem with Ariana Grande peaked at #2. Not to mention the follow up hits like Black Widow and Mediocre. What happened after what seemed like an apparent takeover could be attributed to a myriad factors,like Azalea’s alleged cultural appropriation and record label wrangles. Such greatly inhibited any more chart success and she was deemed a borderline write-off. It is suffice to say that her career has not been the same since,but that is about to relent.

Iggy Azalea has been hard at work. You do not need hindsight to figure that out. All her recent singles are bops,and this new one is no exception. After parting ways with Universal Music Group and inking a new deal with Empire,the Australian rapper is hell-bent in making a huge comeback. Her recent releases have all had loads of critical acclaim. Iggy continues to give a sneak peek into her upcoming sophomore album In My Defense, with a string of buzzworthy singles like Savior and Sally Walker,and the latest sass-filled Started.

The new unapologetic video details Iggy’s plans to kill her sugar daddy and is about forging a comeback from adversity as evidenced by the lyric started from the bottom and now I’m rich. With an accompanying extravagant video,Iggy plays a blonde bombshell and leaves nothing to chance in her quest to silence the haters. She has previously intimated the new album is the best she has made and all her other record pale in comparison.

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