Written by on June 12, 2018

As you know, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On The Run II tour opened in Cardiff, England, on June 6. The visuals and some videos have already made their way online. One of the videos shows that the Carters renewed their wedding vows, while another shows them seemingly naked in bed together and another shows Queen Bey stripping and walking into the ocean. The internet is, of course, heaping praise on Queen Bey for her clear body positivity message and any number of reasons while shading her husband, Jay Z. He’s been called a prop, a senior citizen and all kinds of names but the truth is, Beyoncé still chose him and chose him AGAIN. She continues to choose Jay Z. Internet trolls can go hang, the Carters appear stronger than ever if any of the visuals from OTR II are anything to go by.

Lemonade was both a critically acclaimed masterpiece and a body of work in which Beyoncé showed the world a side of her she has carefully and deliberately kept private. She sang, with immense emotion, of her journey through Jay’s infidelity, the stages of hurt, pain and betrayal she experienced and their eventual healing. It also celebrates womanhood and feminism, as well as giving a very high five to African culture. Jay Z too, opened up about his infidelity in his own revealing album 4:44 and what it did to him as a result of the pain his choices caused his family. The world collectively sighed and agreed that the Carters gave love a fighting chance, thereby giving the world hope in love. An iconic duo like this, opening up the way they did and laying their souls bare through music they way they did, was bound to raise trolls from their slumber to focus only on Jay’s infidelity. So here we are, a few days into OTR II, and the trolls have been busy.

The Carters chose to fight for their love and their family. Jay Z made mistakes which he acknowledged and atoned for; Beyoncé went through untold trauma and grief as a result but chose to forgive and stick by her man. We will probably never know why, beyond Lemonade, but she chose him. You think she deserves better? What do you know of what she deserves? You think she didn’t weigh her options? You think she didn’t seek help? Jay Z mentioned in one of his post 4:44 interviews that they went to therapy together to work through their issues. Turns out their marriage is normal, just like any other. So the trolls need to pipe down and relax. Beyoncé chose Jay. Jay chose Bey. And they will continue to choose each other for as long as they decide. We, as the rest of the world, should stay out of their marriage, enjoy bootleg videos of OTR II and pray that they bless us with a joint album. It’s long overdue!

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