Is Lizzo The Next Big Song Fraud? Seems Like It

Written by on October 16, 2019

Seems like someone has a case to answer as regards song theft. Lizzo’s hit song Truth Hurts may have had the most revered ascent on the Billboard Hot 100,but it looks like she might need to share the credit (and royalties!) with a few more people.

A little known British artiste named Mina Lioness claims that a lyric in the song is a bona fide replica of a tweet she posted in 2017. Th lyric ‘I took a DNA test and found out I’m 100% that b*tch’ has been a viral sensation ever since the song blew up. Then,someone took to twitter and called out Lizzo calling her a thief for plagiarizing a tweet,to which she retaliated and quipped that she had never seen the tweet before,and intimated that ‘the odds of multiple people having the same idea are VERY high.’ Lioness responded saying: ‘We didn’t have the same idea,it was my tweet that was taken and put into a song.’

Enter songwriter Justin Raisen. Backing up the plagiarism claims,he says Truth Hurts is a rip off from a song called Healthy that he and Lizzo co-wrote. He says the melody,lyrics and chords are all taken from the song, which he never got the credit for. He also confirms that the DNA lyric is indeed inspired by Lioness’ tweet. He then posted photo and video evidence from the day they worked on the record.

Truth Hurts came out in 2017,but it was not until a few months ago that it morphed into a hit,breaking records and topping the Hot 100 for a couple of weeks.


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