Is Working From Home The New Normal?

Written by on August 5, 2020

The whole world is now adjusting to working from home due to COVID 19. The pandemic has led to the closure of citizens going to work on an 8-5 schedule.

Companies have adjusted to having most of their employees with the exemption of essential stuff doing their daily work load from the comfort of their homes.

Statistics have shown that most employees have become more productive whilst working remotely due to requirement to account for their skills being a need in their various companies.

This goes to shows that having employees office bound does not necessarily make them productive.

Whilst most managers are keen in resisting remote working, not one study has proven productivity, satisfaction or high performance due to employees being office bound five days a week, it is in fact quite the opposite.

Despite their omnipresence most staff waste a lot of time in the office while underperforming.

The COVID 19 pandemic has been able to show us that working from home reduces things such as money spent on office supplies, time wasted in commuting and office politics which are the most used excuses in terms of employee’s underperforming.

It will be interesting to see what will be the outcome of working environments in Africa and the rest of the world once life gets back to normal.

With the lots of changes that have had to be made in order to help fight this virus, what will be the new normal?

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