Kevin Hart: I Want to Be a billionaire by the time I’m 45

Written by on March 24, 2018

Comedian Kevin Hart is not joking this time round.  He’s dead serious.

In a sit down at Variety Massive Summit in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Hart shared he’s focused on hitting the billion dollar mark through his company Hartbeat Production by the time he clocks mid-forties.

“The goal of being a mogul is a real one,” Hart told Variety‘s co-editor in chief Andrew Wallenstein. “I want to be a billionaire…I’m 38. By the time I’m 45, you guys are going to be telling a completely different story.”

If he maintains his current moment, the goal will be an easy hit.

Last year, Hart was named the highest paid comedian after raking in almost 30 million dollars and has been floating around top 10 highest paid comedians’ list for almost five years. This has seen his net worth skyrocket to 120 million dollars.

The multi-talented standup comedian, actor, producer, writer, and content creator said he has no plans to slow down any time soon.

“I don’t understand why people work hard to get comfortable,” he said at Variety’s marketing event, which was presented by Deloitte.

His work ethics has pushed him to this new grounds and he has his mother to thank for all of that. Hart failed to win a trophy at a swim tourney as a child and her mother told her: “You can be great or you can not be great.” He’s been living on this mantra ever since.

Hart says he’s main aim is to take over Hollywood and give kids a better opportunity to produce content.

“The fact that they shot ‘Black Panther’ on Tyler Perry’s stage, blows (my mind),” he said. “How do I do that?” Hart asked. “How do I put myself in a position to give this younger generation what I don’t have? It sounds so crazy, but if you don’t have the mentality of ‘Take over, do everything,’ you’re not doing nothing.”

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