Kim Kardashian Has Something Up Her Sleeves;Setting Khloe Up With A New Man!

Written by on March 15, 2019

The Khloe Kardashian-Tristan Thompson-Jordyn Woods controversy may be far from over,but Kim Kardashian has something up her sleeves! Reports indicate that Kim plans on setting her younger sibling up with a new man after seeing all she has had to grapple with as regards her love life!

Apparently,Kim feels that Khloe should give up on athletes and give it a shot with someone in the music business! Having had her fair share of relationship woes with athletes,Kim feels Khloe should consider giving up men in the NBA as they evidently come to no good. Kim’s great relationship with Kanye has her feeling that someone in the music business would be the best bet for Khloe and she is hell-bent in setting Khloe up with one. How will she do that,you ask? Well,Kim knows a ton of people all thanks to Kanye and it will only take a scroll down her contacts to find a few prospective dates for Khloe.

Kim hates seeing Khloe suffer and would do anything to see her happy and in love. It is reported that another great motivation for Kim is owing to the fact that she feels Khloe could end up going back to Tristan as she is still in love with him in spite of the hurt he has caused her by cheating on her a myriad times;the latest being the infamous house party scandal that had the world abuzz a few weeks ago. Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods was at the centre of the scandal,as footage of her making out with Tristan rocked the interwebs,that saw her relations with America’s most famous family become enstranged. In April last year,videos of Tristan making out with other women,unbeknownst to a very pregnant Khloe.

Kim’s plans may be grand after all. She too has had turbulent relationships with NBA players,the most renowned one being her bizarre 72-day marriage to basketballer Kris Humphries. Her marriage to Kanye has been her proverbial saving grace,as they are one of Hollywood’s most stable couple with an almost squeky clean marriage reputation. Will Khloe give in to Kim’s concerns and go on a date with one of Kim’s proteges? Another reality star-rapper wedding could be underway!

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