Less Than A Fortnight To Taylor Swift’s New Album?

Written by on April 7, 2019

When it comes to cryptic spoilers,Taylor Swift is the girl. Remember the virtual snake teasers she posted before dropping Reputation? She could be on the same bandwagon again. Before the iHeart Radio Music Awards a few weeks ago,she posted a picture that hinted at a possible Butterfly theme,with the caption alluding to a supposed butterfly migration in Southern California. On the night of the awards,she wore dazzling butterfly heels and that drove the butterfly theory into an overdrive!

Fast forward to today when she sent her best friend Todrick a birthday card with a butterfly sticker and that pretty much confirms that the follow-up to Reputation is almost here! As if to prove the speculation is not far-fetched,her official calendar has a wax seal christened T and strategically placed on April 13,the same seal on Todrick’s card. Given her history with spoilers,it is suffice to say that Tay’s seventh album drops April 13th!

Reputation was quite the era,what with the Kim Kardashian jabs and her quest to rubbish the snake comparisons. Then followed the tour that would gross $277 million and break the record for the most successful North American tour in history. What will the Butterfly era entail? A love-struck Tay?

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