Written by on June 2, 2018

I’m writing this as I listen to my mellow Saturday night mix, and the song on replay is Rihanna’s Love On The Brain. This song is easily one of my favorite Rihanna songs for several reasons, but tonight we will address one. Has it ever occurred to you guys that the mind is the biggest sexual organ? It all starts there, and if your mind and body are communicating right then you’re in for the ride of a lifetime, quite literally.

Many a time, I’ve had to turn down relationships and “situationships” with relatively good looking, middle income (sometimes quite loaded) men. Simply because I cannot, for the life of me, hold a conversation with them. That means your mind and mine are not in tune therefore our genitals can’t meet. Unlike many who claim to be sapiosexuals because it’s a cool word, I am an actual sapiosexual. Intelligence is my primary trigger. The rest are secondary. I realized this several years ago, when I had a loose arrangement with a guy I couldn’t hold a conversation with. And it left me feeling empty; every time we had sex I felt empty. Post climatic, yes, but empty.

I then realized that the lack of mental connection is what made my relationship with him unremarkable, and when we tried to change that too much had happened and it became pointless to even try. We went out separate ways and he recently got married. On my part, however, I’m in a space where feeding my mind comes first. I can’t relate with someone who does not add to my existing knowledge in one way or another; the only way to do that is through constant conversation. Trust me, there is nothing more enriching than relating with people who always leave you better than they found you, especially in terms of sharing knowledge with you that could one day change your life. That, coupled with mind blowing sex, is the best thing to happen to mankind after sliced bread and the Internet.

Being able to connect mentally should be a prerequisite for everyone before consenting to sex. Don’t be hoodwinked by mind altering substances, seek your higher self always and maintain a clear mind. Getting to know someone’s mind is probably the best thing you’ll ever do for both your sex lives. Of course, you’re welcome.

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