How to make big decisions fast.

Written by on April 16, 2020

Everyone’s goals is to be able to make quick and effective decisions that breed success. The most successful people usually make it through by reducing the type of decisions they have to make on the daily. They end up eating the same meal, wearing the same outfit and having the same routine.

When you have a big decision to make, think of the worst case scenario of either choices. This will give you peace with the option you settle on depending on the outcome.


Put it down on paper, writing things down always helps to clear your mind and ensures that nothing is missed. It always emotionally detaches you from the situation which is important in sound decision making.

Consult a trusted person. Good counsel will never go out of style. Talking to someone about your situation and the decision you have to make aids you to get a different perspective on the situation which is crucial in getting the whole picture.

When you practice these three healthy tips when you want to make small decisions, you will never struggle with the big decisions.



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