By: - June 10, 2018

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Marriage is a scam. Especially in the 21st century. No, I am not mad. Neither am I bitter. I am not angry. I am, contrary to popular belief, quite content and observant. It just is. How many marriages (especially those amongst your peers) do you know of that barely survived the first two years? How many survived five years? Yeah, I didn’t think so. My own marriage lasted all of 27 months (that’s two years and three months) and not for lack of trying, so I can attest to the fact that marriage is a scam.

Why don’t they last though? From my observation, I have learned that most couples (if not all) plan for the wedding and not the marriage. Folks, let’s remember that a wedding is an eight hour affair at best and marriage is supposed to last a lifetime (apparently!) yet there’s a lot more focus on the wedding. So what happens after that one day? Do you go back to your messed up lives and realize keeping a marriage intact is a lot harder than planning a wedding?

Communication is also a key factor in the disintegration of marriages. You live with someone that you barely talk to. And yet, when you were dating, you texted all day, every day, late into the night. So one thing happens, everyone gets mad and you stop talking to each other. Guess what happens… humans are social creatures. Your partner will talk to someone else outside the marriage and who knows where that could lead.

Unrealistic expectations are surely the slow poison that murders marriages. Why would you, all of a sudden, expect someone to change and morph into the perfect wife or husband just because they’re married? Are you God? We forget that we married an individual for who they are and not what social constructs deem acceptable for a spouse. Be yourself, and let your person be themselves too! And be awesome together!

That said, marriage is a scam. There are way too many unrealistic expectations in this institution and the fickleness of mankind just won’t let it flourish as God intended. Don’t get me wrong; it can be beautiful but we still mess it all up colossally. Maybe we should all just quit getting married and fix ourselves first before we embark on this lifelong scam with an unsuspecting gullible human.

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