Written by on October 16, 2018

Huddah, a woman who was once considered nothing more but a socialite, has gone ahead to build herself a cosmetics empire that keeps growing. She has also, on multiple occasions, used her social media platforms to advise the youth to let their money work for them. Kevin Muley, the NRG Radio Director, was also recently quoted saying that money is just a tool; we should use it to run our start-ups, our hustles or buy cheap stock from valuable companies. Stock buying may seem complex for the large majority of the youth, but it’s actually quite simple. Think of it this way; having 20,000 KES doing nothing in your account makes it redundant, but buying 20,000 KES worth of stock (clothes, shoes, food) and selling at a small mark up can double your money, and so on and so forth.

As young people, majority of us are fast and loose with money. It could be because we crave a lifestyle we can afford but not maintain, or because we are excited by the idea of having “so much money” at a go that we feel compelled to spend it on things we want but do not need or cannot really afford. Saving is a great financial habit, but investing is an even better one. People who were mining Bitcoin seven years ago are now dollar millionaires, because they invested. Kevin invested in NRG Radio, and in a few years he could be on the Forbes list. Huddah invested her money, and now she can afford to switch cars whenever she chooses and can still maintain her lifestyle. Let your money work for you, you earned it!

Investing is risky business at the beginning, but once you get the hang of making wise investments, you will never go wrong. Invest in things that will always appreciate; things like real estate in both the physical and digital world, securities, government bonds (but with care), and invest in information. Information is power. Information will give you the answers you seek in investing, information will guide your investment decisions. I believe we all have a the intention to not work well into our golden age, so the time to start investing is now. You’re never too young to invest, and no money is too little to invest. Start small, watch your investments return dividends, take bigger risks and realize greater rewards. Don’t drink all your money away.

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