New Twitter Feature Set To Block Unsolicited Eggplant Pics

Written by on February 18, 2020

A new twitter feature that will block nudes is set to launch. Developed by one Kelsey Bressler,the new plugin is will be instrumental in blocking unsolicited eggplant pictures.

Out of her own frustration,Bressler saw it right to counter such. She used artificial intelligence and implored willing users to send nudes they had received. What ensued profoundly made tongues wag-she received about 4000 pictures! This buoyed her even more to go ahead and create something that would be of help to others.

The plugin which she intimates ”has 99% success rate” will work by blocking any phallic-shaped messages on the platform’s direct message. Bressler also quips that she has talks underway with another major social media company in her quest to see that they adapt the plugin as

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