NRG Radio At 2: The Highs,Highs and Highs!

Written by on April 23, 2020

NRG Radio is gearing up for its second anniversary-Yes,we are two years old! Where did the time go? It is almost surreal that Kenya and Africa’s premier audio-visual radio station has had a two-year run since coming into inception. Needless to mention, the borderline extreme rollercoaster ride we have had in said span of time is unrivaled.

Unbeknownst to many, the NRG Radio concept took about almost a decade in the making. That is no mean duration. Fast forward April 2018 and a bona fide star was born,and her shine has exponentially grown since. A little walk down memory lane would not hurt, would it?
Social Media Marketing
In our quest for an edge over the rest and bid for a seamless takeover, social media could not have been ousted in our gameplan. Consequently, what we got superseded what we bargained for. We are now the most followed station on Instagram-our-it platform. We have revolutionized brand visibility and proved a sure fire way to lay bare other brands and be what they would want to align with.
Turn Ups
Our annual and utterly revered turn up events dubbed NRG Turn Up may have gravely ground to a halt at the moment thanks to the prevailing situation the world over, but it is suffice to say that they are next to none. We take over several counties and bring each to a standstill. We flock the roads en route the venue in our characteristic colorful convoy,inadvertently causing a spectacle. With Captain Morgan and Coca Cola to boot,each Turn Up,admittedly, almost always turns out better than the last. When this is over,it goes without saying that we will paint the town red…again!
Wasafi Festival, NRG Wave Fest, Buju Banton in Kenya
Enter our series of annual parties that have had the whole country abuzz so far. Tanzania’s music royalty heralded what would soon be one of the most anticipated events of year when they took over Mombasa Sports Ground in December 2018. A then loved-up couple Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna were the talk of town,spicing up the party the more. Exit Wasafi,enter NRG Wave Fest. What to expect when Africa’s biggest musician brings his mojo to Mombasa in culmination of a 5-day mega gig? Nothing less of a blockbusting show. Burna Boy perpetuated our end year bender in its sophomore year, and left the dust to settle. Before it even sought to settle, Buju Banton made his way in. This,after two postponements that had everybody waiting with bated breath. The Jamaican reggae barometer took over the city in February, belting out his to an overenthusiastic Nairobi crowd. Perhaps the one of the most hailed performers we have had so far,his long-lived stage delivery augured quite well with critics.
Audio-Visual Brand Placement
Did we mention we are the continent’s marquee audio-visual radio station? Transcending the ways of traditional radio, NRG Radio revolutionized the art of advertising. Besides the spot ads, your products are now paraded in studio for all and sundry to see via Primarily, that gives the supposed client an essence of double value for their money.
Heck,We Are #1!
Of course,it hurts not when the diligence takes you to the first notch. We have been relentlessly rated Nairobi’s most listened-to radio station, the most popular urban station..the works! Our listenership has grown in leaps and bounds, evidenced by such surveys and the insurmountable interaction that happens on the daily.
About NRG Radio
We could not be more thankful. Thank you for being part of this wild ride. Here’s to another 2,errr…10!

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