Written by on August 13, 2018

First of all, a hearty congratulations to the Kenya Simbas team; you did us proud with that 67 – 0 win against Tunisia this past Saturday! Saturday August 11th 2018 was a day of joy, Kenyan pride, happiness and what I can only call nationalistic levels of NRG. Could have been in the air or the way we felt as Kenyans, what I know for sure, the RFUEA Grounds this past weekend were hallowed grounds of NRG. Right from the start of the game, which our beloved Mwalimu Rachel co-hosted and smoothly transitioned to the after party – the #NRGRugbyTurnUp. Oh, happy day!

The crowd itself was already ecstatic and in a celebratory mood, and of all the sports events I have attended, ain’t no fans like rugby fans. Right after the game, after all the dignitaries left and after the players from both Kenya and Tunisia were recognized for their skill in the game, Mwalimu Rachel and DJ Kace set the stage on fire, facilitated by the extremely nimble GQ Dancers who drove the crowd wild. DJ Kace’s set started with contemporary Hip Hop and R&B bangers, getting the crowd singing along to the music as they danced and made merry. He set everyone who showed up for the #NRGRugbyTurnUp up for what was coming next.

Gabu and Frasha. That’s who happened next, taking over from DJ Kase. The same NRG Gabu brought to the #NRGTurnUpMacha stage is what he brought to the #NRGRugbyTurnUp stage. And this time he brought with him a cherry on top; Frasha.

They performed all the hits we know them for, both as members of P-Unit and as solo artists. I can swear the stage was on fire at some point during their electric performance; either that or it was the lights. Could have been the NRG; can’t rule that out as a possibility for the sherehe that their performance was. Even I, at this point, was so elated and high on NRG, if I’m being honest with you. They tore it up and passed the fire baton to DJ Niche!

If you’ve never heard DJ Niche mixing, tune in to the AM to PM show every Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM. He’s a beast behind the decks. After that electric performance by Gabu and Frasha, he took over the stage and poured gasoline on an already blazing fire. Dancehall, Hip Hop, R&B and the crowning glory of his set; a mix of all time Kenyan favorite hits from our very own. Hits from the late E-Sir, Nameless, Jimw@t, Juacali, Kleptomaniax, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji and Nonini; to mention but a few. The dust rose up from our feet and joined our voices in the Nairobi night sky as we turned up to our very own, filling the night sky with national pride.

As if DJ Niche’s set wasn’t enough, Nonini took over the microphone and performed the very hits we had been singing to. It is almost impossible to describe what happened next, because not only was it a turn up, it was an experience. No words, no matter how cleverly woven, can satisfactorily describe what happened and capture the raw emotions of the night. Nonini was entertaining. Mwalimu Rachel and DJ Xclusive were engaging. The crowd was responsive. The atmosphere was celebratory. Hearts were full. It was amazing. Mind blowing. The best turn up yet! And no, NRG is not done yet; there are more turn ups coming to a town near you. Follow us on @NRGRadioKE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on the next turn up. For now, we stay basking in the success that was the #NRGRugbyTurnUp. Thank you to the Kenya Simbas for raising our flag way up high, and most importantly you; the fans for always supporting!

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