Written by on July 17, 2018

“We are gathered here today, paying our respects to being broke. Hope he’s in a better place.” August Alsina, in Benediction. Heavy line, isn’t it? None of us wants to be broke, but at the same time, we’re whiny about the work we do to get that money we really want. If you don’t like the job; why don’t you leave? They ask. Why can’t I find a rich man / woman to take care of me so I don’t have to work for the rest of my life? Well sweetie; here’s a question for you – how about you work to be your own rich person? Can’t be easy, but worth a shot.

The tragedy that is the unemployment rate in Kenya is a lot to take in, especially when one throws their hat in the search for gainful employment. While regime after regime promises to create jobs for the youth, the tragic unemployment story remains the same or sometimes worse. Where am I going with this? We all know many of us are not too thrilled by our jobs and would rather be on a yacht in Monaco but here we are. It’s actually sheer luck to be gainfully employed in Kenya today, and it’s only fair that if you are, do your job well. Remember there are thousands more out there who may be better than you so be willing to learn and make yourself unforgettable; do your job well. Pull your weight!

You may also not earn as much as you hoped you would… make the most of what you have. I strongly believe financial literacy should be introduced into the school curriculum so we know how to handle money and make it work for us, instead of us constantly working for it. I admit, I have been terrible with money and I am learning. Work, however, I do my best and I give it my all. It is more important to you to manage your finances than anybody else, and from that you will gain your financial freedom. That way, you will be your own rich person taking care of you and there is no better feeling than that! At the end of the day, you win on both fronts – you’ve acquired skills you didn’t have when you started and you’ve managed to save quite the tidy sum, to do with as you please.

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