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If you’re in college or have been admitted to college, then you know how expensive moving out of home and into a hall of residence or hostel is. Even letting or sub letting an apartment for the purpose of being close to school is pretty expensive, especially because you have to buy the kind of household items people need for housewarmings. In addition to that, you have to take care of your feeding and to make sure your food stays fresh through the week – and if you can’t afford a fridge and gas or hot plate, you are at the mercy of neighbors, roommates or the matronly kibanda lady next door. But, what if we told you that there is a solution to all this; and all you have to do is show up with your study materials and personal belongings? Wouldn’t that be great?

Qwetu living is revolutionizing hostel accommodation. They have two facilities on Jogoo Road and in Ruaraka, which are equipped with all the amenities anyone could wish for while at campus. Both properties boast of WiFi, gym, security, borehole water so no shortages even during rationing, a steady supply of electricity, lifts and shuttle services to your respective campus. As per their website, living with Qwetu isn’t just about the buildings; it’s about safe, secure homes where you can study and socialize in comfort. Resultantly, some of the major universities like Riara University, Daystar University, KCA University and Africa Digital Media Institute are already in partnership with Qwetu.

The semester is about to begin, and Qwetu knows you are looking for decent accommodation. So why don’t you book a viewing and see if you like what you see? In addition to booking a viewing, you stand a chance to win a double treat if you move in to a double room between now and September 2nd, courtesy of Qwetu and NRG, as part of the Squad Goals Promotion. In addition to to that, you get an opportunity to join our NRGetic MVPs in studio to talk about your Qwetu experience so far! How cool is that! Remember; there are only ten rooms available for this promotion; five at Qwetu Jogoo Road and five at Qwetu Ruaraka. Book your viewing on qwetu.co.ke/book-viewing and use the promo code QWETUNRG to stand a chance to win shopping worth 10K. If this isn’t a deal worth taking, I don’t know what is. Go for it and enjoy your Qwetu experience!

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