Relationship goals: 8 things to observe to have a happy relationship

Written by on September 24, 2018

It seems like relationships are becoming harder and harder to maintain these days. A good number of couples will openly confess they are not happy with their partners and are willing to end their union to look for some greener grass. But what they don’t know is that there’s not greener grass out there and all this is happing because they have ignored a few fundamental tips in their relationship.

Here are 8 tips that happy couple observe:


  •  Listen, really listen


Couples should listen to each other. In this smartphone era, it’s a becoming hard to give someone your undivided attention but this shouldn’t be your lover at worst.


  • Hug often


Physical attraction brings human happiness and good health according to research. A hug shows your partner that you still want contact and closeness.


  • Hold hands in public


This clearly shows your partner that you want to be with him/her.  It also keeps the intimacy flame on.


  • Do something together during weekends


Make sure you go out on shopping together or do something fun after a tough week at work.


  • Focus on the good, not the annoying habits


Some lovers focus on the bad traits that their partners have and keep complaining about them. Always focus on the good side and forget the negatives. Tell him/her how good they are. This will make them want to be better.


  • Say sorry and mean it


When you guys have an argument, be big enough and say sorry. You should also mean it.


  • Kiss hello and goodbye


Every morning say goodbye when leaving and at least peck when you guys meet in the evening. This shows that you still care and cherish each other.


  • Make time for intimacy


Sex in a relationship is crucial. Lack of some bedroom talk and action leaves couples feeling unloved and insecure. Intimacy is one of the most important ways couples connect emotionally.

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