Remember when Khaligraph Jones ate raw meat?

Written by on September 19, 2018

Kayole’s finest, Khaligraph Jones, has come out to explain why he ate raw meat in his latest hit, “Rider” which features fellow rapper Petra.

Jones in the video is seen biting raw liver, a thing Kenyans were quick to link with devil worshiping and illuminati. But according to Khaligraph, it’s just pushing boundaries and stepping into a place other artists have always avoided for a long time.

When we sat down with the director to come up with the concept of the video we felt like having raw meat on the set was going to create that impact that we wanted,” Jones said. “If you have been taking a look at my videos or following up on the Khaligraph brand you will notice that I’ve been taking the dark side direction. It’s not that I am Illuminati.”

Lately, the rapper has been stepping into another realm with his creativity, confusing fans in the process. His videos have gotten darker and his performance have shocked many after ritual-like stunts. During a performance last year, he was ushered to the stage in a coffin – all his team members were wearing black like pallbearers.

It made it to the headlines just as he hoped but in a way he never expected. Jones says there’s no deeper message hidden in these stunts. It’s just another day at work.

“It’s just off a concept it’s nothing so serious,” he said. “Some people take it too personally and wako like ‘Aii nini nini nini!’ But it’s just like me being artistic and doing what I feel like I need to do to get the message out there.”

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