Save money during quarantine.

Written by on April 6, 2020

It’s very easy to overspend whilst you’re in quarantine without your knowledge due to excess cash and nowhere to go.

But it’s important to remember that this too shall pass. When this season ends, and God willing it will.. you need to have enough money to get back to the real world.

To save money during this period:

Cook in… No take out:

Avoid buying take out. A little take out for breakfast today, dinner tomorrow and lunch the day after that and poof! All your money is gone. It’s better to cook food and store in the fridge or freezer. Take this time to try out recipes of your favorite foods and you will see that restaurants at times over charge you for simple pleasures.

Only go out for essential errands:

Avoid going out often to places you have to use a taxi or public transport unless it’s an essential errand. As much as boredom may strike you I’m the house, if you train your mind to go out every time you’re bored, your setting up your bank account for disaster.

Learn beauty hacks:

As a woman, you may feel like your whole life is falling apart when you can’t get your hair or nails done, you can’t get a facial or your eyebrows tweezed, you can’t even get a simple wax because all beauty stores and salons are closed. But we give thanks to the internet and all the valuable gems it comes with. Get on YouTube and learn tips and tricks on how to do these things yourself. Check out the nrg beauty hack series on our website;

Online shopping is a No-No!:

Online therapy is real and since we can’t physically go shopping, online stores are making it easier for us to shop with same day delivery. Spending your time browsing through online stores not only wastes your time but it also tempts you to buy unnecessary items. Only go to an online store for essential needs

Browse with no guilt:

Been on quarantine means being in the house 24/7. Most of us are using this time to connect with our loved ones and the outside world virtually. Being online all the time could be expensive if you don’t have a good internet package plan. Save cash by buying bulk internet that will sustain you for a month or more or subscribe to a WiFi plan.

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