Selena Gomez Drops Yet Another Mammoth Hit

Written by on October 24, 2019

Who drops two conflicting bangers hours apart? Selena Gomez is who. After yesterday’s sultry banger had everyone talking,the last thing we would have anticipated was yet another release before the dust could even settle on Lose You To Love Me. But it looks like Selena is hell-bent in reigning supreme this era.

A complete opposite of Lose You To Love Me, Look At Her Now is a self-assured,affirmative upbeat record. Its accompanying video is as colorful asĀ  they come. And if you were ever skeptikal about Selena dancing abilities,she puts that at bay in the most impeccable way. Backed by female dancers with matching shimmery outfits,Selena semalessly dances away. The catchy lyric ‘She knows she’ll find love,only if she wants it’ gets stuck in your head and you will easily find yourself humming to it in no time.

Selena sings about overcoming adversity and morphing into a new person after going through it all.

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