Written by on September 28, 2018

Do you have that group of people or that person who always roots for you and has your back through every single situation? That person who holds your hand and the lamp when you’re going through a dark time and celebrates your milestones with you just alike? Do you have a person you do that for, or are you part of a group that does that for someone? No man is an island, and to build a strong support system one must have built implicit trust with a dependable person or group of people. Because while we would love to support each other through the good, the bad, the ups and the downs, we need to be strong enough to remember not to be dragged down into the abyss.

The world today is overwhelming, and can be a lot for anyone. From internet trolls, difficult living conditions, the rise in mental health issues, crime increase, oppression from every imaginable scenario – the list goes on. It has therefore become very difficult for one single person to go through life on their own without losing it or being snowed under by any of the many negative things that are going on. It’s also a great risk for one person to attempt going through life without a support system for fear or burdening others with their problems, and that is a risk in itself. It’s an open invitation for mental breakdowns, which in itself is something no one should go through alone. So are we strong enough to be each other’s support system?

Being there for each other starts with a simple gesture. Could be simply listening to each other or giving a hug to a friend who’s had a bad day and reminding them that it’ll all be okay and work out. It also means knowing your capacity for supporting your person(s) without risking too much of yourself, and being able to tell the difference between doing someone else’s emotional labor and supporting them through rough patches. Supporting each other means we care for each other, and I’d like to believe the world isn’t too far gone that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to care. Let’s not let each other go, and let’s not be the cause of each other’s unending pain. We are better than that.

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