Written by on September 12, 2018

I met a pushy man recently, who was hell bent on influencing my decisions to suit his agenda, sometimes subtly and other times brazenly, while convincing himself (and trying to convince me in the process) that he respected women and would never do anything to disrespect them. Quite laughable, because his actions were the exact opposite of his words. And it got me thinking; how many of us claim to be one thing in speech and another in action? Do you walk the talk or are you all talk and no action?

No matter the relationship dynamics, when we say one thing then our actions are the exact opposite of it, we lose credibility. No one will ever take you seriously if you’re that person. And you just might start to wonder why you’re always the laughing stock; if you’ve ever gotten to this point, you are the common denominator and it’s advisable that you take stock of your words and actions. Being doubted because you never mean what you say, whether in a professional or personal relationship, is a permanent dent on your reputation.

You don’t have to make grand promises to your loved ones to pacify them if you can’t fulfill them. We all want the world from our lovers, but what’s it worth? Castles in the air? No; it’s never that serious. Sometimes it’s even better not to say and just do; that way you become more trustworthy and a “solid” person. And we all want to be in relationships with solid people. It’s wonderful.

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