Shaevy’s family reveal his final moments, what caused his fall from grace

Written by on March 24, 2018

About a decade ago, Elisha Kyallo, popularly known as Shaevy, was a household name thanks to his chart-topping hit with Slice dubbed ‘Gyal’ – a song that was played as far as Jamaica.

The talented dancehall musician would soon fade away from the limelight and to this date nobody really knows what caused his music career, which looked promising, to dwindle.

Little was heard about him until a few days ago when word went round that he had passed away after being run over by a matatu in Nairobi’s Kayole estate.

His sudden demise left fans with many questions as they sought to find out the events leading to his death and what he had been up to in the last decade.

We spoke to some of his close friends and family members while seeking to get answers to questions about his death and sudden fall from grace to grass.

Jethro Okal, a local producer who goes by the moniker Master J, said he met Shaevy through Wakimbizi. They did several songs together and last saw each other in December 2017.

He admits that the dancehall star struggled with alcohol addiction adding that this might have been the reason why people exploited and made up false stories about him.

In Master J’s words “Shaevy was supposed to be a billionaire” and that the likes of Chameleone and Brick and Lace reached out to him for a collabo when he released ‘Bayuda’.

We also spoke to Filter, one half of the Wakimbizi duo, and he absolved Ulopa of blame while pointing a finger at MCSK.

“What messed up Shavey and Slice is MCSK. The story that the deceased went around saying that Ulopa owed him Sh. 8 million is completely false,” Filter said.

He went on to add the organization obtained rights to supply music to Skiza and any other music streaming company without the consent of the artists.

According to Filter, this caused many disagreements between Shaevy and his management and producer because he thought someone was pocketing his hard-earned money.

A family member who identified himself as Ken Muhindi said he was with Shavey on the day the latter died.

“I saw him earlier that day then I was later told that he had been involved in an accident. I am not sure whether he was sober or not,” Ken said.

He went on to add that Shaevy passed away at around 8pm. Although he can’t confirm whether the dancehall star was pushed or he slipped, he told us the matatu crashed his abdomen.

Ken and his friends took the deceased to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Calls to Slice, the surviving half of the Shaevy and Slice duo, went unanswered.

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