Singer Avril breaks the silence and shares her pregnancy photos

Written by on May 14, 2018

Photo Courtesy : Instagram

For a long time, a rumor has been circulating that Singer Avril is pregnant. It seems she has now succumbed to the pressure and addressed it directly by sharing a couple of photos.

The singer took to Instagram to share the photos, posting a lovely letter for her unborn child.

“My M, what a ride we’ve had and now an even more exciting one begins.. Humbled that you chose me.. Thank you my love.. I will love you and protect you now and forever. That is my promise to you. Love mum,” she said in the post.

For almost two months now, Arvil has been avoiding the public after word emerged she’s pregnant and the father might be popular gospel producer Jblessing. Neither the singer nor the producer has directly responded to these.

Both the two are coming out of failed relationships. Avril was dumped by his South African boyfriend while Jblessing broke up with his wife Chantelle after they lost a baby just months old.


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