Singer Vivian blasts critics who claim her music is boring

Written by on September 20, 2018

Singer Vivian rose from just a mare hawker to a superstar thanks to her music. So she’ll defiantly hit back at any person saying she’s not a worthy artist.

The Main Switch Records signee fired back with venom after a bunch of Kenyans claimed her music isn’t quality enough and, that she’s a boring artist.

On Instagram she posted a long rant after an agent apparently dismissed her for not being talented enough.

“I have always been clear that I do music for a living because it is my purpose and obligation,” she said in the post that attracted a flurry of comments.

“Many of you have read about my humble beginnings when I was a small scale trader in Nairobi.
Before I share anything further I must say I love my job. Music is my gift and purpose.
Now to share some bits of truth. For those of you who have had a glimpse of the music scene here you understand how involving a music career is.

“While I have no plans whatsoever of an early retirement, I have been disappointed by the tools of trade in this my career. Notwithstanding, the sexual abuse and heightened objectification that I have received in plenty especially at the inception stage of my career. It is true that some music producers take advantage of female talent then of course a few DJs, and even some pioneer stakeholders of our music scene. I have survived and come out very strong in all this and I thank God so much for his love and favor over my life.

“Fast forward 5 years now into my career I am still not good enough for some old dogs in this game. An influential booking agent from Kenya recently said to me that I seem to have lost direction musically.. well I think this guy has to release at least half a hit song then I can listen to his ‘expertise’. Anyhow “criticism is good but as stakeholders in the music scene let’s push the art and bring each other up duly in our different roles. Put the pride aside and the objectivity ahead.
Jah Bless!”

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