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Today marks a week since the new year began. However, some of us are still stuck in 2018, albeit for a good reason.

There has been an ongoing spat pitting local musicians against radio presenters, with the former blaming the latter for lack of airplay.

A relationship break-up can be tough no matter what the situation. Everyone feels different when they’re going through a break-up. It’s OK to feel sad, angry or let down after a break-up – lots of people do. It happens to everyone. Sometimes, the thrill seemingly vanishes from a once-perfect relationship. The things you once appreciated […]

The 2018 annual African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFIMMA) took place in Dallas Texas, US with top African acts battling for the coveted awards in different acts. For the very  fast in Kenya and East Africa, Brian Ouko Omollo aka Khaligraph Jones set history as the fast Hip Hop Act from the region to scoop the Best […]

Rapper Khaligraph Jones knows what it feels like to be frustrated by a producer. He recently spoke about the saga between Redsan and his producer saying that sometimes producers push artists to their limits. “Inachekesha. That is the G. We have a song coming out together. Mad respect. When I saw that and I see […]

If you’re thinking of starting a label, be prepared for hell because it’s not an easy business according to Khaligraph Jones. He recently opened up why a label is not easy to run, saying that you should first be aware of the business. “First of all you need to understand the music business. You can […]

Khaligraph Jones’ ex-girlfriend Ms Cashy is the newest mother in town. Ms Cashy, who had dated Khaligraph for half a decade, delivered the baby two weeks ago but kept it under wraps. News about Cashy and Khaligraph’s breakup first surfaced in mid April this year. Khaligraph set the record straight saying that he was no longer […]

Kayole’s finest, Khaligraph Jones, has come out to explain why he ate raw meat in his latest hit, “Rider” which features fellow rapper Petra. Jones in the video is seen biting raw liver, a thing Kenyans were quick to link with devil worshiping and illuminati. But according to Khaligraph, it’s just pushing boundaries and stepping […]

Rapper Khaligraph Jones surprised his manager with a brand new car during his birthday. Taking to social media, Khaligraph explained that his manager, Shirekuli, has more than supported him in his blossoming career therefore felted he needed to give him an important gift. Khaligraph bought a Toyota Mark X for Shirekuli and took to social […]

It would seem Kenyan rapper Brian Ouko Omollo, popularly known as Khaligraph Jones, is back on the dating scene.

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