“That’s so immature.” Are these words always thrown at you by your woman? If so, then it times to step up and become a mature man, the kind that real ladies always yearn for. Here are 10 pointers that highlight what women mean when they say they want a mature man. One who understands that […]

Mwalimu Rachel is most likely the most organized, hard working woman I have ever met. There is not a single time I have met Mwalimu and she isn’t working on something to build her brand or to enrich her existing working relationships. She is a force to reckon with, a very loud and fun one […]

I met Kamene at the recently concluded #NRGTurnUpMacha for the very first time. She’s a very gorgeous woman who exudes a calm confidence about her and an aura of strength and grace. I really wanted to speak to her but I took my time to observe her first. While on the ride to KFC Mombasa […]

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