Tanasha Donna

Producer Magix Enga’s new mellow track features Tanasha Donna and it is chilling as they come. The ballad is titled Jojo and sees the two mesh their vocals as they croon on. The extensive use of autotune is likely to auger well with others, while to some it is as good subject to scrutiny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF9_jHbry5w […]

Speculation has been rife that the Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz camp is laden with wrangles and that their high-profile relationship is headed for the rocks,despite the former brushing the reports off and the latter remaining tight-lipped on whether or not they are grappling with indifferences. This hit an overdrive when Diamond was visibly a […]

In the backdrop of major speculation that the two are at loggerheads and not seeing eye to eye,Tanasha Donna and Diamond have dropped their duet Gere, a bona fide call out to their skeptics of their love life it seems. The two sing about loving on each other and remaining immune to the skeptics,a befitting […]

The first release off of Tanasha Donna‚Äôs upcoming EP Donnatella is out and it is quite something! Perhaps in her quest to veer off from the route she plied with her 2 previous uptempo singles,La Vie is ballad-inclined as they come. Featuring fellow artiste Mbosso,the song infuses Swahili,French and English almost seamlessly as Tanasha showcases […]

Nadia Mukami The young lass was only in campus at Maseno University when she was discovered and signed on by Kaka Empire. In a world of Vivianne and and Avril, she has carved her niche as perhaps the next huge Kenyan female contemporary singer with Coastal accent-laced Swahili. And true to that,she has amassed quite […]

Ever envisioned a Tanasha Donna and Ethic musical collaboration?! Neither have we. Still does not make it a farfetched imagination. As a matter of fact,word has it that it is well on the way. New mom Tanasha Donna is not about to let her exponentially increasing fame slide by. After dropping two critically acclaimed singles […]

Hot in the heels of her larger-than-life birthday celebrations this past weekend,Tanasha Donna’s sophomore single Nah Easy is here. Off of her upcoming EP dubbed Donnatella,the single is testament to the fact that Donna has mastered the dancehall genre seamlessly,and is hell-bent in taking the music scene by storm. Suffice to say,she is fast doing […]

Your favorite East African couple just let you in on a little secret. One that they have unusually kept under wraps for months on end,all while courting immense speculation: Tanasha Donna is 7 months pregnant. That we can exclusively confirm.Suffice to say it must have taken efforts in leaps and bounds to downplay a pregnancy […]

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