How to tell whether he loves you or just lusts you

Written by on September 24, 2018

If you’ve “fallen” for someone, how do you know it’s the real deal or just a temporary phase? For instance, feelings of lust and love can be similar, but they may end up playing out differently down the road. There are distinct differences between the man who searches for lust and the one who wants love.

Love and lust both make you feel a kind of bliss that you have never experienced before. These are the emotions which are wonderful and joyous and something to celebrate. But there is difference between the man who searches for lust and the one who wants love. Need little help? Here are few signs!

  1. His idea of date is limited to intimacy
  2. He will always keep you questioning about marriage
  3. He doesn’t always mean it when he says “I love you”
  4. You feel connected emotionally, not just physically. 
  5. You show affection, even when sex isn’t on the cards
  6. You’re quick to compromise
  7. You have great chemistry


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