The Millennial Life Entails More Than Meets The Eye

Written by on October 30, 2019


If you are still living under a rock,it probably still has yet to occur to you what the new-age generation get engrossed with on the daily. Or even more profound,that you too are indeed a part and parcel of it.

The holidays just beckoned and that is a sure fire sign that lots of unsung activities are underway for the 2-month long school break. Unsung because lots of people outside of said generation are oblivious to any of those,much less have a clue. As it turns out,these kids know how to keep it all under wraps and masquerade as the naïve kids the folks expect them to be back home. So,they resort to putting on a façade when need be. There’s more than a myriad escapades that millennials are getting up to everyday,and it is suffice to say it all has come to a point of being regarded the new normal.


Sex Parties

It goes without saying that the typical millennial’s approach to sex is uber fearless. They talk about it openly and with unhinged lingo. As if that is not enough,there have been reports of supposed sex dungeons where sex parties go down,unbeknownst to anyone else but the youngins. The sex dens are mostly holed up in affluent neighborhoods where the kids flock,get intoxicated and as you have guessed,get down and dirty. Apparently,a good chunk of these parties are planned on WhatsApp groups weeks prior. They will ask for the night out under the pretext of going to a birthday party or a slumberparty,while deep down they have more than that up their sleeves.




Enter drugs. Scary as it may sound,the average millennial is not too afraid to experiment with even the most potentially-lethal of drugs. It does not help that their impulse to fit in is over the roof,so this culminates in them trying out the hard stuff they would otherwise not dare try. They are prone to bow down to pressure to be seen as cool. As such,they end up joining the bandwagon.



Experimental Sex

Incestuous sex has been frowned upon since time immemorial. Except, when it comes to millennials, it is not too off limits. If you have been lucky enough to catch wind of their take on getting it on with your cousin, or even eavesdropped one of their risqué conversations, you may have heard them give detailed sexual fantasies (if not encounters) with relatives. In the same breath, the 2019 millennial is hell-bent in sexually experimenting with the same sex. Blame it on sheer curiosity, or merely wanting to go by the wave, their insatiable desire for extreme sexual encounters cannot be tamed. The various dating apps come in handy to this effect too.


This takes an even more exponential twist; there’s about more than a handful millennials in heterosexual relationships but lowkey have same-sex interests. Conversations with a number of them will have you abreast on the fact that some of them realized their partner had such interests but downplayed it all too well.


The conventional going to church every Sunday does not cut it for the new-age youngin either. In an era full to the brim with errant,controversial pastors and fraudulent televangelists,they do not see church as the haven they were conditioned to view it as growing up. The Bible app is answer to this and most have it installed on their phones. Assertions like, ‘’You do not have to go to church every Sunday to make it to heaven,” are a staple in their day-day conversations.

Any banter as regards millenials would be half-baked if it did not take into account their edgy,intrepid fashion sense. Flamboyant looks characterized by overtly ripped jeans,the ‘fade’ haircut,shirts  halfway unbuttoned..the works! This perhaps explains their inclination towards careers that are lenient with regalia, or their fierce stance at challenging the status quo on matters dressing at the work place.


In a nutshell,the 2019 millenial comes harbouring demands and old ways just will not see the light of day while the new ones wait to roost. Yeah,that is the newsflash!





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