Written by on March 17, 2020

Sometimes, there are things that ladies can go weeks without cleaning. Mostly because we assume they may not catch dirt easily because we might not use them often. It is however, important to clean them for hygiene purposes as well as presentation purposes.

Jewelry; especially earrings and rings. More often than not, we rarely clean our jewelry after using them. Failure to clean our jewelry  even when they look clean could lead to infections and rusting due to dust accumulation. Use antiseptic at night to clean and polish your jewelry after wearing them and at times when stored for a long time.

Makeup brushes;It’s important to clean makeup brushes even if you have only used them a few times. the buildup of makeup on the brushes is not good for your face. Use soap and water to wash your brushes and leave them out to dry.

Handbags; Most women don’t use the same handbag often and thus rarely clean their bags. It’s however important to clean your bags mostly because of the number of things you store in them. Something might have spilled inside, a mix of different perfumes may cause a weird smell as well as accumulation of dirt whilst on the shelf. Ensure you always wipe down the outside of your bad before you leave the house especially at the corners, even if it looks clean.

Heels; Cleaning our heels is also overlooked especially if they are open heels or if they are worn for a short amount of time. However, dirty heels can be noticed. Heels that are not cleaned and taken care of also wear out faster than others.

Bras; Ladies, your bra is an innerwear thus should be cleaned regularly especially, your black bras. Most women don’t wash their bras often and end up wearing them for days on end. Well, news flash, even your bras gets dirty. Wash them with detergent as instructed after wearing them.

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