Tinashe;The Unsung Music Force!

Written by on March 10, 2019

She may not be all over your playlist right now (owing to your taste,or lack thereof!) but Tinashe’s musical abilities are unparalleled. Her versatility and musical ingenuity cannot go unnoticed. Other than the renowned 2 On and Me So Bad,Tinashe has a myriad bangers that blatantly don’t get as much buzz as they should. She is not as hailed as she should either,and that should pass as one of Hollywood’s biggest mysteries,given her profound talent both on and off stage.


Feels Like Vegas

Count on Tinashe to make a song about sex so metaphorical,so much so that you will need more than the first two listens to discern that (something akin to Fifth Harmony‘s Work From Home!)  If you haven’t been to Vegas,this bedroom fodder will take you there,albeit in such a magical way! You will  possibly need some neon lights in the bedroom while this plays!


All Hands On Deck

From the high-octane choreography to the picturesque video set,this record is in every ounce a summer smash hit! Its widespread critical acclaim can be attributed to its club feel and female empowerment themes,all merged into a catchy RnB-crunk record. The remix with Iggy Azalea wasn’t too shabby either!




Chris Brown‘s guest verse in this catchy jam pales in comparison to Tinashe’s charismatic lyrics. She shows off her incredibly-toned physique in the video,pulling off explosive moves seamlessly all while working the vocals!


 Fires and Flames

Do not let her upbeat discography dupe you into thinking that that is her sole forte. In this piano-laced ballad from her sophomore album,Tinashe shows off her incredible vocal range;hitting high notes like never before,as if to silence the naysayers who could still be skeptical about her vocal abilities.



This spell-binding summer bop will send you stripping down and straight to the beach,if the video is anything to go by. A scantily-clad Tinashe frolicks on the beach in her quest to charm her love interest and if that doesn’t sound so much like summer,nothing does! You will find yourself humming along to Superlove within the first listen!



Her second album’s title track doesn’t leave anything to chance. Her versatility is pronounced throughout the jam,as is her lyrical ingenuity and vocal prowess! One of the most standout attributes of this number (as sis with a huge chunk of her catalogue) is her ability to create catchy records.

So there you have it! You have been sleeping on a bona fide musical force while paying attention to the generic music all over the place. Tinashe has every fibre of an entertainer..what with her multifaceted essence of a songwriter,producer,dancer and performer!

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