Written by on March 16, 2020

Working from home may not come as second nature to everyone, that’s why it’s important to ensure you have a set routine for the day.

Being home comes with a lot of distractions; Netflix is at your disposal, the temptation to entertain guests or visit a friend, as well as the urge to just curl up in bed and browse social media.

These few tips will help you be just as productive as you would be in the office set up.

Don’t put your alarm off; wake up at your normal time, take a shower and get ready just as you would on a normal day. This will trick your mind into thinking you’re going to the office as well as boost your moods to get work done.

Don’t wear pajamas while you’re in the house. You don’t have to dress up but avoid being too comfortable.

Have a to do list. A to do list for the day will aid you in knowing what you must accomplish at the end of the day. It’s also good for you to use while measuring/presenting your KPI’s.

Take breaks.  Treat these as the same breaks you would take whilst in the office. Do small exercises or walk around the house to some music, take a lunch break away from your workspace and chat up some of your colleagues on a coffee break. Chatting up colleagues ensures that your mind is still in work mode and you’re not distracted with stories entirely outside of work.

Step away from the bedroom. Pick a spot in the house that you will dub as your new workspace. Have a comfortable table and chair that you can use to work from. Ensure it’s very far away from any place you might use to relax such as your bed or your couch.

Time yourself. Timing your routine ensures that you don’t overwork or underwork yourself. Schedule and time your to-do list as well as your breaks. Give yourself an end of the day which is the same as the time you leave the office.


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