Tips To Add More Luxury To Your Home-On A Budget.

Written by on August 14, 2020

The Covid19 pandemic has hit the world by storm making us prioritize where our funds go to. Decorating your house may not be a priority right now especially since you’re not entertaining visitors as you once did. But what if I told you that you can still do it on a small budget?

Here are some tips that will make self isolation and working from home a beautiful space to be around.


Sceneted, inscripted or colorful candles look so good in a shelf in your living/bedroom or bathroom of your house.


Books or magazines arranged around the house in a neat and artsy way add a great vibe and look around the house as well. You can put them on a shelf, on a table top or in a curved basket.

Flowers and Plants

These not only give your home and airy feeling, they also add personality to your home. You can have plastic flowers and plants if you’re not a fan of taking there of them.

Framed pictures

Family picture, self portraits or pinterest quote downloads can be framed and hanged on walls around the house. This not only gives your house a homely feeling it also reminds you constantly of the things that are closest to your heart.





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