TI’s Banter About Iggy Azalea Won’t Relent

Written by on October 29, 2019

TI’s latest rants about Iggy Azalea are relentless as they come. It all began when in his new Netflix show,Rhythm and Flow,Tip sensationally claimed that Iggy Azalea was instrumental in ”tarnishing my legacy as music executive.” A teenage Iggy signed with TI’s Grand Hustle record label and a few years later,she was a bona fide chart fixture with a string of hits off of her debut album,The New Classic. Fancy,Black Widow,Change Your Life..the works! She owned 2014 in its entirety.

Fast forward to 2015,and Iggy parted ways with Grand Hustle. Somewhat,her reign albeit dwindled after her controversial departure from the label. Then came the recurring cultural appropriation claims and a horde of other controversies that overshadowed the great music she was still making. Now,TI claims she ”switched sides after she realised that white people liked her and she did not need black people to like her anymore.” Typically,Iggy has not held back. She has once again called his bluff and sternly told him to cease bringing up her name for relevance. In a tweet-storm,the Australian rapper told him off saying the only song he contributed to on the album was ‘100’ and that he was not creatively involved in the production of the album,nor did he executive produce it. Back and forth galore!

The two rappers halted doing business together in 2015 and have not seen eye to eye since.


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