Written by on June 10, 2018

Several photos of Beyoncé from On The Run II are making waves on the Internet. In one photo, she is seemingly cuddling naked in bed with Jay Z, in another she’s reading the paper in a thong next to Jay Z while he smokes what appears to be a blunt and in a third, she’s walking towards a large water body while taking off her only item of clothing, therefore naked from the waist down. And the Internet is taking all of it with massive celebrations and resounding “Yaaaaaassss Queen” from corner to corner. Let Kim Kardashian West share similar photos of herself; the loudest noise is from critics, especially Piers Morgan.


In so many ways, this is hypocritical. So what if Kim posts nude selfies? Is she not a woman, daughter, sister, mother, wife, entrepreneur and celebrity just like Beyoncé? Why come at Kim guns blazing for body positivity? Is it because she “lacks talent” and her alleged claim to fame is a sex tape? In my opinion, I see this as a witch hunt and Kim is the target. Both women are icons and role models in their own right (people look up to Kim – I know, it’s shocking and they really shouldn’t) and their messages, no matter how mundane, are powerful across the globe. Why the world pits them against each other is a phenomenon that will never be understood. Beyoncé is an entertainment mogul, while Kim is a beauty mogul. Both beautiful, sexy and iconic women who have shattered many stereotypes about women, inspiring hundreds of millions of girls and women around the world. Stop comparing them.

I think it’s time the world really took a seat and stopped castigating Kim and women all over for being proud of their nudity. The naked female body is a masterpiece – God’s masterpiece. It’s no wonder man had to be put into a deep sleep while God created woman. If you have problems with Kim’s nudes, then don’t look at them – simple. She’s not forcing you to; you looked for them. Maybe you should work on your own body image, get comfortable and confident in your own skin and be proud of yourself. Then perhaps you too could be as confident as Bey and Kim and we’ll all “Yassss Queen” you too; right? For the guys taking the moral high ground against Kim, stop pointing fingers. She is neither your wife nor your mother. I don’t hear Kanye, her kids or family complain. Instead of castigating Kanye’s wife’s nudes on one hand while celebrating Jay Z’s wife’s nudes on the other, encourage the women around you to be proud, comfortable and confident in their own skins. Be of some use and positive influence in this world, please!



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