Written by on June 10, 2018

Unfortunately, side chics and guys exist. They have since time immemorial and my guess is they will continue to exist long after we are gone. What I fail to understand is why they are always portrayed as the villain; it takes two to tango. I highly doubt a man / woman in a love triangle was unwilling to involve the third party; I don’t believe in husbands or wives being “stolen”. Therefore, here’s my unpopular opinion on the importance of side chics and guys.

They are here to help you, Missus Someone. I once saw a video clip of a South African lady who eloquently summed it up for me. You have a career / business to take care of, raise children (this includes the husband), run a home, maintain a smile under the weight of social expectations all in a day’s work, and you still come back to a man who expects you to service him. If that could be outsourced, it’s perfect! I agree… think about it. You don’t have to feign headaches to get out of your marital duties; outsource to someone willing. You’ll have a happy husband in return.

In all honesty, sex with the same person overtime tends to get routine and pretty boring. Unless, of course, the couple in question is very experimental and open minded sexually, with each other. So in the event of monotony, a new addition to the routine can surprisingly spark up what would be an otherwise dead sex life. Why? Obviously the other person is doing extraordinary stuff so your person would want to come home and show you what they learned in cheating class. From ashes to fireworks.

Most unpopular of all, side people are actually an incredibly great sounding board and can play a major role in you maintaining your sanity. Imagine going home everyday to someone who drives you up the wall, then you have to suffer unremarkable sex with them. That’s adding insult to injury. Now, imagine going home to someone who drives you up the wall but after having remarkable sex with someone else; wouldn’t the orgasms be worth it? I know you’re probably considering it, if you haven’t already. Remember to stay safe.

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