4 Occasions Where It’s a Tusker Moment!

Written by on October 4, 2021

Growing up, we’ve all had events happening around us, the moments where we came together as a family or friends to celebrate. Do you remember when you noticed that these moments were made better by a bottle of chilled beer?   

Well, let’s touch on a few occasions where Tusker has been celebrated.

  1. Ruracios/ Taking Dowry

Do you ever wonder why during these times? There was always a crate of beer given to the elders, well in most traditional weddings, the elders were gifted with booze. In the modern world, where the illicit brew is illegal, the preferred option is beer. Yes, you guessed right, Tusker has been verified to come in handy in such times.

     2. Birthdays/ Anniversaries

When is your birthday? Can you imagine having a great time with your loved ones? A perfect celebration where there is food, drinks, and great memories to be shared. When grilling the Nyama Choma, my uncle always had a bottle of beer. For a long time, I thought that something about the beer made the grilled meat tender and delicious. No, it wasn’t that. It was the beer that kept company as he was being patient. It made the stories more interesting

     3. Launch/ Openings

According to my observation, there is always a need to cheer when launching a business or product. Let’s narrow this to the champagne. However, we all know that it might be expensive. Well, most of the organizers resort to a cup of beer. Why? Because you are not meant to get drunk. You are meant to sit through the speeches and understand the significance of the event’s existence. Therefore, a cold Tusker is perfect for such times.

    4. Watching Sports

Do you remember where you were when Kemboi crossed the line, reclaiming his position in the Tokyo Marathon? What about when Ferdinand Omanyala made it to the top three a hundred-meter spring? Well, I was soaking in the moment with my friends and I will never forget how such moments made us proud as Kenyans. There is something nostalgic about watching sports over a cold Tusker, and some nice food. Whether you are watching the premier league or Rugby 7s, it’s a relaxed time you share with your friends. Of course, being on different teams makes it even more exciting.
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