With so many restaurants coming up in the city, most people are not only looking for a beautiful ambience but food to match as well. The curve by the park offers you this and much more.

Being in a world of social media, most people are posting food on their feeds and Instagram pages making food presentation and design in restaurants a prime element. When it comes to food presentation, the curve by the park restaurant takes the crown.

Due to Covid19, The Curve has taken preventative measures by having QR codes in their rooms and restaurants for customers to scan and use. This is to avoid physically touching menus and the spread of the pandemic that we’re currently living in.

With a variety of choices to pick from, their menu is enough to put you in a good mood. It’s amazing how we have to stop whatever we’re doing in different times of the day to eat; greater news is if it’s a memorable experience.

The first thing you meet at the door is joyful and polite staff to welcome you, sanitize you and lead you to your table of choice. We picked a table next to a big window that let’s in sunlight as well as a good view of the city.

We had the cream of tomato soup and the Greek salad for our starters. The soup is thick and rich in nutrients that excite your senses to look forward to the main course. I couldn’t get enough of the Greek salad! Paired with special dressing, it tickled my pallets and I could tell that the chef clearly paid attention to the ingredients he used.

The service doesn’t stop there, the waitress was keen to ask if we enjoyed our starters and after assurity of our satisfaction, they brought in the main courses. I must also add that, covid19 protocols and regulations are observed throughout, with masks only being removed while dining.

The food is delicious, scrumptious and simply unforgettable. The portions are perfected fit, well seasoned and filling enough for your taste buds to go wild.

Paired with their signature pineapple mint juice or their garlic pineapple juice, tastes live heaven in your mouth. The curve by the park restaurant does not play around when it comes to serving delicious food.

Treat yourself today at the curve by the park restaurant and have the time of your life. You can stop by for lunch/ dinner or book a night or two at the curve.

Follow this link to book and have the time of your life; https://www.tsghospitality.co.ke/reservations/#/?pid=MTA5Mg

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