The top 5 money issues couples argue about.

Written by on July 31, 2018

1. We can’t decide whether to manage money jointly or separately
Sharing or having split bank accounts has made most of the couples argue about it. For fear of incuring losses.

2. My partner is in debt.
Each time I have made money and want to put it in use, I can’t mainly because my spouse is in debt and half of the amount goes to paying his debt off, so we end up arguing.

3. We aren’t open about money.
When my spouse was given a job promotion, he kept his payslip away from me, he didn’t want to get me involved with his pay and this created a major distance between us so there were so many financial crisis that I couldn’t share with him.

4. My partner spends a lot more than I do.
I’ve never understood how my spouse will have half of the amount in our joint account put to use for his own benefits and yet each time I try and ask, we end up fighting. Sometimes I wish that it didn’t have a joint account.

5. We are splitting up, and can’t resolve how to split our assets.
When my partner and I decided to part ways, it was a bit difficult because We couldn’t align out the number of debts he had since there were no records

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