Victoria Kimani denies resembling rapper Nicki Minaj

Written by on October 26, 2018

Singer Victoria Kimani has asked her fans to stop insisting she’s a Nicki Minaj look alike.

The singer posted a photo while in Paris France explaining how a couple confused her with Nicki. Fans took to her comment box to back the argument that the two artists do look a like.

“So…. here I was… doing touristy things In Paris…. and this Couple came up to me and literally handed me their baby and told me to take a picture with her… I later found out that they thought that I was @nickiminaj… While I do appreciate the Ultra sweet compliment but guys… I don’t look like the Queen… not even a little bit…. one day…. this child will grow up and realize that I am in fact…. not Nicki…. but a Popstar from AFRICA ( which is super cool too) anyway… we look cute in our matching hats,” she wrote.

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