Wanna Move On From Your Ex? Ariana Grande’s Got The ABCs!

Written by on January 23, 2019

In her sizzling new video for 7 rings, Ariana Grande seeks to give you some much-needed pep talk. If you are direly in need of moving on from your ex, Ariana Grande’s got the ABCs. Hint: It has a lot to do with (seven) rings!

The second cut off of Ariana Grande’s upcoming 5th studio album is a tell-tale narrative of how leaning on your friends after a relationship gone sour can be handy in letting you move on. Backed by a real story that tells of an emotionally troubled Ariana Grande taking her 7 friends on a shopping spree and later buying each a ring after downing a few glasses of champagne as her sign of allegiance, the mellow song is the epitome of defiance and self-assurance. Grande does not hold back and sings about the good, luxurious life and all things affiliated with having lots of money-she sure has a lot! Quite the opposite of the vulnerable,emotional wreck Ariana Grande that we are accustomed to. On the flip side, Ari has been accused of ripping off Soulja Boy‘s 2010 hit Pretty Boy Swag and plagiarizing the pink trap house video concept from 2 Chainz. She must be totally unfazed, seeing as she has not addressed the allegations. Only right as the song is an absolute smash and is getting loads of critical acclaim! Worth noting: Ariana Grande’s next album comes out on 8th February, 6 months after her last album Sweetener-which debuted atop the Billboard 200-dropped.

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