Was Usher’s Smash Hit ‘Climax’ Inspired By The Weeknd?

Written by on April 9, 2020

Canadian superstar crooner The Weeknd has been on the receiving end of backlash after sensationally claiming that he inspired Usher’s 2012 smash hit, Climax.  The singer attributes his debut mixtape House of Balloons a pop influence on his counterparts, and alludes to Usher’s hit as a prime example, in an interview with Variety.

“It was very flattering,and I knew I was doing something right. But I also got angry, but the older I got, I realised it is a good thing,” he intimated.


Climax was the lead single off of Usher’s album Looking 4 Myself and won the RnB heavyweight a Grammy for Best RnB Performance in 2013. While The Weeknd staunchly believes he inspired Usher’s record, the latter’s fans have not taken that lying down and have descended on him citing disrespect and delusion, the better part of them feeling Usher had been in the music scene for decades to be inspired by a newcomer when Climax came out.
The interview has since made headlines and prompted Usher’s throng of fans and even Usher himself (perhaps in cryptic response!) to belt out renditions of the song on the timeline.
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